My notes on success

I’m in Delft on Monday and Tuesday helping get the first UNESCO-IHE communications course off the ground. I’m grateful to Alida Pham for asking me to be one of the lecturers / tutors for this. I’m doing the Tuesday afternoon talk on ‘bridging the gap’ between science and normal people.

Part of my talk will be about success. I made some notes about this a few weeks ago, which are below. I think I’ll turn them into a few ‘slides’.

My notes on success

The only people who really value experience are those who have it.

Life is about how you carry yourself, how you turn experience into understanding, how you apply your talents, how you earn trust and how you use it.

In the comms game, the secret to success is to understand things really well and then explain them to others in ways that are original, connect with their feelings and sense of identity, and help them to be successful themselves. Their success must be their own though – it should come through a combination of this greater understanding and the application of their own talents, experience and circumstances.

The most interesting and useful thing to understand are people themselves. Other things include the history and current state of relevant things. This could be a technology, or set of technologies, an industry, or a culture (be it local, national, organisational, industrial, tribal / social).

Most people don’t know themselves. Helping them understand themselves is a very powerful process, but it also a privilege. You have to earn a person’s trust to go beneath the layers of presentation and protection that are often deeply rooted in their own sense of identity.

Very, very few people will ever admit how important you are to them, at least while you’re alive.

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