Simon Barteling, on sculpture and my house.


I’m spending most of this summer living in Amsterdam. It’s something of an experiment in living and working differently, after 19 years in London. I’ve been very fortunate to rent a beautiful apartment on Oude Waal, just three minutes walk from the Akvo office at the West Indisch Pakhuis just on the edge of the centre of the city. You can actually see the office from my front window. Which is a bit weird. But completely brilliant.

Over recent weeks I’ve got to know the owners, Simon and Marlie, a little. Simon Barteling is a sculptor. The garden contains some of his work and is a very special place to spend time indeed – already I know the house has been very special to some of the people I know, and the garden is one of its highlights.

Simon has an exhibition running in conjunction with the painter Jan Grotenbreg in Oosthuizen, a village just to the north of Amsterdam. I might be going tomorrow, to take a look. I interviewed him in my place early this week, about his work and the house and the light, and other things. You can see it below.

The exhibition, Expositie “Opstandig”, is at Grote Kerk, Raadhuisstraat 61, Oosthuizen. There are more details on the venue here.

It’s running now until 30 June, and is open Thursday to Sunday 14.00 to 17.00.

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