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The Mark Charmer History of Computers

I was asked to do a talk at our office the other week, as part of the “Amlab Academy” series, put together with our neighbours 1%CLUB and Text to Change here in Amsterdam.

I decided to do a talk about my history of computers. It’s a personal take on the computers that have shaped my experiences of technology, or ones that I think have been very significant.

It was shot by Charlotte Soedjak on my Xacti and gets a bit wobbly. I also didn’t cue up the YouTube movies, so there are some awkward gaps. Learnt from that mistake!

I’ll try and add links to the images I used at some point when I have time.

Anyway, here’s the video. Warning, it’s 52 minutes long. But you can always watch it for a few minutes I guess, until you get bored.

Posted on Wednesday 10 July 2013.


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