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Mark Charmer Radio, episode 2 (experimental) – with Ken Charmer

Kencharmer 650

I’ve been starting to do a series of radio interviews with people I find interesting. I’m learning as I go – about room acoustics, the Zoom H2n microphone I use, and how to steer discussions.

The first discussion was with Thomas Bjelkeman and Vinay Gupta in London. The second was with Ken Charmer, my dad, in Spain. My parents now live in Spain and Kenny has spent about ten years immersing himself in researching music production, particularly 1960s music production. In the interview I talk to him about this, and what it was like to grow up as a teenager in 1960s Liverpool.

I’m really proud of this interview. There’s never been a recording before of me and my dad talking. For me, it’s amazing to now have that.

My previous version of this recording (the same, but less compressed) is here on Vimeo.


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