Nailing what I actually do at work

I had dinner on Monday night with Peter van der Linde, my fellow co-founder of, and former colleague. It’s the first time I’ve seen him for almost a year, and the first time in particular since I left Akvo seven months ago. It’s nice weather in Amsterdam right now and we got to sit in the garden.

I explained that I’ve been trying to work out the central thing that I do in my work – what it is really, not the title I have. Peter knows me pretty well – there’s only a handful of people who know how I work as well as he does. So he’s a pretty good person to test this on.

So last night I explained that I think what I do is drive the conversation in an organisation, to keep things flowing in a creative way, to ensure the whole thing has a sense of direction. And to use all the necessary techniques, such as recording, publishing, maintaining the humour, to make that work.

Peter liked that. Reckoned it was the best description of me yet.

Posted Tuesday 16 August 2016

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