Mark Charmer – media biography, October 2016.

This biography has since been updated. You can find my latest media biography in ABOUT, here.

October 2016

About Mark Charmer

Mark Charmer is a British project director, writer and artist. He began his career in 1993, at Apple Computer in the bleak suburbs of Warsaw, Poland. There he was tasked with marketing $750 digital cameras to post-communist citizens just discovering the joys of cheap one-hour film processing. He then worked as a PR agent for tech firms including Apple, Compaq Computer Corporation, Sony Broadcast, Dell, Hewlett-Packard and many others. He has extensive media and corporate contacts in the global information technology industry. From the mid 2000s, he focused on sustainable development through the open source design movement, forming the Movement Design Bureau, a think tank concerned with the convergence of the automotive, urban design and information technology industries. In 2006, he also co-founded, a Netherlands-based open source foundation that he helped grow to become the largest independent provider of transparency and reporting systems to the international development community. More than $2 billion of global aid is today reported or monitored through Akvo platforms in many of the poorest parts of the world, with the support of a team of 70 people in 15 countries. Mark has a Masters degree from Central St Martins College of Art and a degree from Aston Business School.

Today his focus is on interpreting and challenging systems related to the finance, management and accounting of artistic and creative intervention, and addressing the need for greater diversity of political, economic and social sensitivities in the information technology industry. He is working on a number of related projects, including a media fund called PEST, a citizen science project in Flaten, Stockholm, an Internet Of Things art installation, and a financial technology startup called GivingOS.

Mark is available as a writer, networker, speaker and consultant on the emergence of new kinds of open and peer collaboration during the 2016-2019 period. His current research area is the challenges of designing processes that address global society’s current complex mix of decentralised culture and behaviour with the inclination to seek centralised management approaches, platforms and financial models. He splits his time between London and Amsterdam.


Mark Charmer (London) +44 (0)7976 960739 /

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