March 2017

About Mark Charmer

Mark Charmer is a British project director, writer and artist.

His work focuses on challenging and reinventing systems related to the finance, management and accounting of artistic and creative intervention, and bridging the arts-science-business gap to mobilise more sustainable product and service design. In November 2016 he founded the Stamp60, a management club that designs new systems to account for creative processes and interventions. He is also a member of the concept and production team of The Stockholm Act, a unique arts and sustainability festival running from 21-27 August 2017. He was previously co-founder of Akvo.org, a Netherlands-based open source foundation that is the leading provider of transparency and reporting systems to the international development community, and the United Nations. Mark has a Masters degree from Central St Martins College of Art and a degree from Aston Business School.

Mark has more than 20 years’ experience in technology, sustainability, media and design. He started his career in 1993, at Apple Computer in the bleak suburbs of Warsaw, Poland. Tasked with marketing $750 digital cameras to post-communist citizens just discovering the joys of cheap one-hour film processing, he spent the following ten years working with hardware companies such as Apple, Compaq Computer Corporation, Sony Broadcast, Dell and Hewlett-Packard. Mark led the communications team for the HYPE Gallery, one of the first crowdsourced art galleries backed by a major corporate, held at the Truman Brewery in Brick Lane in 2004. He then shifted to focus on sustainable development, through the open source design movement, co-founding Akvo.org. More than $2 billion of global aid is today reported or monitored through Akvo platforms in many of the poorest parts of the world, with the support of a team of 70 people in 15 countries.

Today Mark works with a global network of talent, and his London-based practice, the Movement Design Bureau, is in 2017 organising research and design residencies in Stockholm and Blekinge, Sweden, Liverpool, England, and Northern and Southern California.

Mark Charmer (London) +44 (0)7976 960739 / mark@movementdesign.org

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